10 August 2015 · in Products


Fog Design offers fresh and stylish air on deck

SOURCE: NAUTIC EXPO  10.08. 2015                            written by Christina Müller

The summer sun is burning and no refreshment in sight? Lange Yacht Outdoor Cooling might be the solution for yachtsmen when cool air and shadow are miles away. The cooling system by Fog-Design is handmade in Germany according to each owner’s wishes. It can be installed on the flybridge, the sundeck, the railing or the swimming platform – basically everywhere. Once mounted, it generates a temperature drop of the surrounding air of up to 10 degrees.



So how does it work? Tap water is filtered and cleaned, if necessary descaled. It is then pumped towards the nozzles, where it is escapes as tiny water drops. These drops evaporate and create an aerosol cloud that causes the temperature drop. Different types of fog or clouds are feasible and nozzles are available in different materials, designs and dimensions. Furthermore, fancy stuff like flavors and anti-mosquito additives can be added. Optional LED lights create beautiful optical effects.



Filter and pump will be installed in the engine room and controlled via WiFi, App or remote control sensors. A self-sustaining system, including generator and water tank, is also available. Owners of larger yachts might appreciate that different decks can be switched on and off separately. Concerning the safety issue: all systems have CE-certification. Still not sure if this might be a cool solution for your yacht? You even can ‘rent a cloud’ and give it a go!